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New in Sociology

Lads and Ladettes

Carolyn Jackson's important, contemporary, study links perfectly into the new AS Specification requirement to relate research methods to education.
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New in Business Studies

Understanding Business Studies

Two exciting new DVDs have been added to this series:
Generating and Protecting Business Ideas and
Legal Structures. Each DVD is available to buy separately (£49.00 + VAT) or, with our existing Enterprise and Entrepreneurs DVD as a 3-DVD Bumper Pack for the bargain price of £120.00 + VAT

New in Psychology

Core Studies in Psychology

The first three DVDs in this series are now available to buy, priced at £44.00 or £49.00 respectively (+ VAT) each:
1. Baron Cohen on Autism
2. Maguire on Navigation and Human Brain Structure
3. Griffiths on Gambling
Limited Time Offer: All three Core Studies DVDs for just £132.00 (+ VAT)

Bystander Intervention

Bystander Intervention (£44.00 + VAT).
A compelling DVD filmed on location in Liverpool using the James Bulger case to illustrate three key approaches to bystander behaviour:(Darley & Latane; Piliavin and Levine).
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New in Critical Thinking

This fast-growing AS subject is a new addition to our catalogue and we now have three DVDs available to purchase separately - Assumptions, Credibility and
Evidence in Argument (£44.00 + VAT each) or as a 3-DVD Bumper Pack (£120.00 + VAT).
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